You can use applet on your site in case you want to demonstrate any games. For this purpose you should insert the next code in a page:

<applet code="com.checkersland.applet.Main.class"
    width="578" height="524"
  <param name=language value="en">
  <param name=color value="cccccc">
  <param name=notation value="around">
  <param name=movehighlighters value="false">
  <param name=rotateboard value="true">
  <param name=pdn value="[Date '2009.05.17']\n
    [White 'Ivanov']\n[Black 'Petrov']\n
    [Result '0-1']\n[GameType '25']\n
    1. c3-d4 d6-c5 2. b2-c3 f6-g5 3. c3-b4 g5-h4 4. b4xd6 e7xc5\n
    {It's a well known opening} 5. d2-c3 g7-f6 6. g3-f4 f6-g5\n
    7. c1-b2 f8-g7 8. c3-b4? {Losing move} h4-g3! 9. b4xd6 (9. f2xf6\n
    g7xa5 {White losed one draught} 0-1) 9. ... g3xc3 10. b2xd4\n
    c7xc3 11. e3-f4 g5xe3 12. f2xb2 {White losed one draught} 0-1">
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The next parameters are used:

  • width and height - applet width and height on the page. For any kind of checkers the minimal size can be calculated:
    width = 222 + 36 * N
    height = 168 + 36 * N
    where N is the board size. It's easy to determine that the size of applet for all kinds of checkers is 654x600.
  • language - interface language. See additional information in interface of the program translation chapter
  • color - the color of applet background. Value format is RRGGBB, where RR - red, GG - green, BB - blue
  • notation - kind of visual notation representation. There are two values:
    around - notation around the board
    onboard - notation on board squares
    You should add to applet width and height 68 in case you use notation around the board
  • movehighlighters - highlighting available moves in current position. Value should be true or false
  • pdn - game data in PDN format, where all double quotes are replaced by single quotes and the chars \n are used instead of end of lines
  • rotateboard - rotate board. Works only if the pdn parameter is set.

After inserting the example you will see the next applet:

Your browser doesn't support java.