Endgame tablebases

The Checkersland PC program supports endgame tablebases (read details on wiki) and uses it while playing with AI on difficulty level hard or higher. To install endgame tablebase download the archive with an appropriate game type from the table below (many tablebases can be installed simultaneously) end extract it into cht folder near the executable Checkersland file. To check the game loads installed tablebases see log file checkersland.log: it must contain lines like "Registered endgames tablebase file..."

Endgame tablebases information:

  • Version: 3.0
  • Release date: 20.05.2017
Kind of checkers Pieces count Download section
Brazilian/German 2-5 brazilian_german.zip
Checkers 2-5 checkers.zip
Give-away 2-5 giveaway.zip
Italian 2-5 italian.zip
Jamaican 2-5 jamaican.zip
Russian 2-5 russian.zip
Spanish 2-5 spanish.zip
Turkish 2-3 turkish.zip